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eXplorer Demo

eXplorer Oil Drilling Demo

The application calculates drilling path defined by input set of points and displays the path along with "The Object", which simulates the drilling bit.

It is also simulates real time monitoring of the drilling process. The data defining the actual position of the drill bit normally comes from some equipment monitoring system like SCADA.

This functionality is also available as an ActiveX or .Net control, which can be used in SCADA-like environments directly. Any required functionality can be add to a sustom component so no programming would be required. Contact us for more information.


On start the application reads input points defining the desired path from the Bin\data\SampleProfile.csv file in the installation directory.

It also reads the settings .cfg file located in Bin\data\. Most of these are displayed on the form in the application

All objects are constructed at runtime so the demo does not use any model

Various controls on the form allow customisaion of the display

Drilling Path

On start the software calculates the smooth curve which consists of staraight segments and arcs of fixed predefined curvature. The curvature is defined by the BuildupRate parameter in the settings file.

The cirve consists of alternating straight and arc segments passing through the input set of points. When this is not geometrically possible the software inserts a new point and uses two-arcs spline like between points 4 and 6 in the resulting path.

Points in the resulting path may differ from the input set, otherwise the solution may not exist

The output coordinates are displayed in the "Drilling Path Geometry" group of controls on the form. The "Cur Posn" edit box takes a decimal (float) number. Its integral part is the 0-based index of the start of the section. Its fractional part identifies ratio along the straight segment or arc (0.0-first end, 0.5 middle). For example, position 2.5 is the middle of the third section. 0.5 is the middle of the first section.

Drill Bit Movement

Movement of the drill bit (The Object) is supposed to be defined at runtime with "Object Movement" > "Add New Positions" group of controls.

There are two methods of adding positions: Manual and the "Simulate" group. The "Start Simulation" button generates points along the drillign path which are randomnly shifted in x direction

Coordinates of the defined drill bit path can be scrolled using the "Cur Position" control