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OCCT Bridge C++ Sample

OCCT Bridge C++ Sample

 See also:  Technologies, Ogre Bridge Sample

Source code for the sample is provided as part of third party source download:

The solution file is located in KernelCAD\KC\Samples\VC\Technology\OcctBridge\. (Not in KernelCAD_5_1\Samples\VC\)

The main implementation is located in OcctBridgeView::DoTest() method called when the "Execute Test" button on the dialog bar is clicked.

The "Test Type" radio buttons determine the way ITechnology_DG interface is acquired. "Use COM" option simulates the case when a KernelCAD window is not available (possibly in case of a command line application or a component).

The OcctBridgeView::DoTest() tests various options described in ITechnology_DG topic.

It is recommended to inspect the other side of the communication implemented in OcctDgBridge class. The implementation is located in KernelCAD\ThirdParty\OCCT\src\TDocStd\OcctDgBridge.cxx, which is part of  ApplicationFramework\TKLCAF project of the KernelCAD\ThirdParty\OCCT\adm\msvc\vc12\OCCT.sln solution.

Step throught the DoTest() code with debugger to see the calls executed.

Notice that if modification of OCCT code is required, only Release configuration will work with the sample as Debug version of KernelCAD component is not provided. Please use runtime methods: tracing, pop-up messages, log files and the ITechnology_DG callback to debug the modification, which is normally small

Notice the callback executed in OcctBridgeView::ExecuteDg(). It ends up in the OcctBridgeView::OnCallBack() method.