Overview Of KernelCAD Suite

What Is KernelCAD:

KernelCAD is a component for software developers, which allows the adding of CAD views to display and modify 3D objects and scenes. In layman's terms KernelCAD is a 3D picture which can be manipulated or animated.

The most important distinction between KernelCAD and standalone CAD systems like SolidWorks is that KernelCAD manipulates objects and view programmatically. It is not manual 3D design software.

Who Is Using KernelCAD:

Most of our users are engineers who can program. They are not CAD experts and often not even professional software developers. They come from any business where dimensions or geometry are important.

We endeavour to make fully programmable CAD as simple as possible. We do not assume any knowledge of CAD modelling either. Everything is common sense.


KernelCAD Framework:

KernelCAD includes the necessary tools for creating CAD-enabled applications. So it is a framework.

Apart from the component, we provide extensive documentation, programming samples, developer forum, responsive support and offer assistance with development of any CAD-related functionality in your application.

We also do lots of features on request and customisation projects for our partners.


What KernelCAD Can Do:

Behind the simple interface KernelCAD provides extensive high performance heavy duty functionality expected from a CAD kernel.

It supports import/export in the most popular CAD formats. Supports parametric solid modeling with NURBS and free-form meshes. Many types of operations including Boolean operations, extrusions, sweeps, etc are supported. See more in Features.


Where models come from:

Models can be created in standalone design applications like SolidWorks and imported into KernelCAD at application design or runtime. Objects can also be created and modified dynamically at runtime. A common scenario is that static parts of the scene are loaded from the disc in various formats and the dynamic/volatile objects are created or modified programmatically.

Development Environment integration:

On the top level KernelCAD is a Windows Control. It appears as a regular control in the toolbox of your favorite development environment. Adding a CAD window with KernelCAD is as easy as adding a button to a form with drag and drop.

For advanced users there is also a way to create a KernelCAD view using low level Windows API. We also provide a way to extend functionality of core classes of KernelCAD and ways to customise and communicate with underlying third party components.