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Birds Eye View

Postby nickz » Thu Jun 18, 2015 5:42 am

In v5.0 there is new option in context menu of KC: Advanced > View > Birds Eye. It pops up a second 3D window with a "bigger picture" of the KC view. In addition to the original scene it displays the basic elements involved in 3D graphics. This must be the best way to learn about basics of 3D views and its manipulation
The picture shows the View Point sample with Birds Eye window on top of it

The windows can be activated independently. Manipulation of view (zoom etc) in the main window is reflected immediately in the birds eye. So this is an interactive way to see how view manipulation works. Birds eye view is also updated on programmatic modifications of view. So to debug any view configuration related issues pop up the birds eye and see what is going on your calls from code

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