Axes Disappearing

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Axes Disappearing

Postby Claude » Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:15 am

Good day
I have been fiddling a bit in the C++ -> VB conversion of the Lines.cpp project and have found interesting things.

I have made the ShowSmallRefFrame() method to display the small ref. frame at the bottom left of the screen.

Here is what I get initially. So it does show up when ShowSmallRefFrame() is called. This is called immediately after creating the ChildWindow and associated AxKCad control.

However, when I UpdateSurface() after adding any number of sections, only the names of the axes remain as shown below:

ShowSmallReFrame() appears below. I guess I must be missing one or two parameter calls somewhere ... any hint on this (this is really cool) ?

Code: Select all

Sub ShowSmallRefFrame(ByRef IDesWin   As Int32)
     With ChildWindow(IDesWin)

   Dim iModel        As IView       = DirectCast(.AxKCad.GetView(), IView)
   Dim iView         As IView       = iModel
   Dim iContext      As IKCContext  = iView

   iContext.SetBoolParam  (19, True)

   Dim iPropArray    As IPropertyArray = iView
   Dim iContextAxes  As IKCContext     = iPropArray

   iContextAxes.SetBoolParam  (1, True)   ' Solid
   iContextAxes.SetDoubleParam(1, 2.0)    ' Make twice the default size           End With
 End Sub

Thanks, Claude

Prashant Kande
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Re: Axes Disappearing

Postby Prashant Kande » Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:03 pm

Hi Claude
It sounds like you version is out of date. I believe we have fixed this in update 4445


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