DGKC .NET Control

DGKC Control in Burr demo
Continuous Boolean subtract with Cut Effect in C# eMotion example.

DGKC control is a pure .NET version of DG Kernel control. It is implemented in C# and has System.Windows.Forms.Control class as its base.

Its top level interface, properties, methods and events, is somewhat different from the native control. It is improved and optimised to use relevant .NET types and functionality directly.

Numerous installed .NET samples demonstrate all aspects of the available functionality.


Under the hood, DGKC and all other flavours of DG Kernel component use the same shared core implemented using modern C++. This is exactly the correct architecture, the way it has to be. This approach combines productivity of end user application development and the performance and efficiency of native components.

More at: DGKC under the hood forum thread.