New Features In DG Kernel 7.0

New Digital Geometric Kernel Control (DGKC) is a pure .NET control, implemented in C#. Despite .Net languages have been supported from the start of DInsight, DGKC provides familiar interface for .NET developers. It also offers few .NET niceties like use of the Color, ContextMenuStrip and other built-in .NET types. and operators like foreach.

DGKC can be used in any configuration, including AnyCPU. There is no need to specify x86 or x64 platform as the build target.

V6 _DG Interface set has been completed make it uniform and self-contained. Old interfaces are still supported.

We have combined all required binaries into a single unified installer. So there is no need to think about bitness or platform. All controls are installed so switching from native app to .NET or between bitnesses is simple.

See more details in "what's new" help topic

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