Splitting a 3d curve

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Abhinav R S
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Splitting a 3d curve

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Hi everyone,
I have a problem at the moment of dividing a curve in two parts of equal curve length. Is there dgk 7.0 functionality to do that?
Thank you in advance!

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Re: Splitting a 3d curve

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ICurve_DG.SetParameterRange() should work. Use ICurve_DG.GetLength() and ICurve_DG.GetParameterAtLength() to figure out what is the parameter in the middle.

If you need to keep the original curve, clone it first as

Code: Select all

ICurve_DG iCurv; 
IObject_DG objCurv = iCurv as IObject_DG;
ICurve_DG iCurvClone = objCurv.Clone() as ICurve_DG;

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