Simplification of stl mesh

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Gori Jagrati
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Simplification of stl mesh

Post by Gori Jagrati »

Hi, I am working on pre processing large STL model.
The problem: I need to reduce the number of triangle mesh to render it quick enough. The current count is several thousands of triangles. It would be good to have half of that. How can I do that?
Help please

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Re: Simplification of stl mesh

Post by nickz »

Hello Gori
Not immediately, unfortunately. We have MeshLab (VCGLib) integrated, but only small part of it exposed via the interface. We are too busy changing the world :) We do it mostly on requests.
My suggestions for Do It Yourself option:
- Look up an algorithm on the web and code it on application level. Mesh related interfaces would be handy there
- As a top of the head very basic option is to extract only vertices which are at least fixed distance form each other. Browsing mesh via adjacent triangles is demoed in Morph sample and rebuild the surface using method demoed in Cloud sample

Thank you for a good question

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