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Dear friends

We have released a new product called Engrave. It engraves or embosses (extrudes) 3D text on surfaces.

It is a command line app, which does not require any programming and is very simple to use. We are trying to reach a bit wider range of businesses, particularly those involved in 3D printing.

Licensing is also simplified. There is no demo period, unfortunately, but 30 days return promise instead.

This functionality was implemented like a decade ago. In v6 after some restructuring we have removed support for 3D solid text in DGK. With the Engrave installed the operation can be performed now via a system call. We are thinking about adding back an interface for it to DGK, but it is not in immediate future. Please send us a message to vote for this. We might move it forward.

Engrave is based on new v6.2. We are working on testing and fixing bugs in DGK 6.2. It should be out in less than three months

DInsight team

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