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DG Kernel 6.2 released

Posted: Mon Mar 22, 2021 10:15 pm
by nickz
Dear all

We have released DGK 6.2. What's New. Download.

It is an important consolidation release. We have fixed a significant number of bugs and have done an extensive testing. Not all bug fixes have been merged to v6.1. So, there is no reason for staying with v6.1. V6.2 is simply better and has more features.

The main thing is that we have solved an internal implementation problem left for later. BRep geometry is shareable between entities now. This makes many things more consistent. One consequence is that adding symmetries (arrays in CAD or instancing in graphics) to an object is a trivial matter of creating a clone with shared geometry. This means that we do not need _DG version of v5 ISymmetry and related interfaces. We hope to revive the Symmetry sample soon to demo this.

V6.2 is a bit unique in that we did not leave anything for post-release stabilization. We do not expect many, if any, updates of v6.2.

We are concentrating now on significant and important work of v6.3. We do not expect it to be very long, though. It has been going on concurrently for a while. We really hope it will be out this year

DInsight team