Coinciding surfaces in neighbor faces

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Albert Rivers
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Coinciding surfaces in neighbor faces

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I tried to road a IGES model in my application, but have encountered faces with coinciding surfaces around the shared edge. My algorithm breaks because there is no angle at the edge.
Is there a way to merge the two into one face?

Prashant Kande
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Re: Coinciding surfaces in neighbor faces

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Hello Albert

Yes adjacent faces can be either coplanar or have identical surface. It would be the case if you, say, have divided a face.

We do not have built in functionality for that. I am not completely sure it is worth it. You can try merging wires for the two faces by removing the shared edge with IBRepWire_DG >(query) IBRepShape_DG.RemoveSubShape(), adding edges of the second wire with IBRepWire_DG.AddEdge()
and removing the second face with IBRepShape_DG.RemoveSubShape().


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