DG Kernel 7.1 released

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DG Kernel 7.1 released

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Dear all

We have released the v7.1.

Data Exchange (Import/Export) via STEP format has been reimplemented based on Extended Data Exchange (XDE) engine of OCCT. This includes support for saving and loading of STEP assemblies and their hierarchies.

The new STEP Data Exchange also includes persistence of per shape and per face colors. It also supports persistence of entity and assembly names.

It was long and hard project we are happy to leave behind.

The ability to map nicely .mdg entity hierarchy to assembly structure is pretty important in many applications. STEP is the most advanced format supported by DGK. It is also arguably the most popular one for data exchange in parametric modelling.

There are few less significant issues to address in updates. We also need to release soon the relevant open source for the major components.

Lots of our efforts at the moment are committed for some ongoing significant R&D projects.

As always, we hope to see any comments on this forum.


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