3Dbugger. Problems with corrupt settings file

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Prashant Kande
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3Dbugger. Problems with corrupt settings file

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Hi All
This is a post to make aware about one issue which can puzzle users of 3Dbugger app. I have encountered it a couple of times already, but we do not see a cost effective way to fix it at the moment

In the latest situation it happened when I tried to create a new SOR cylinder in 3D bugger using Model > New object dialog. The application crashes. The reason for that was corrupt settings file Users\<Your login name>\AppData\Roaming\DInsight\DIStudio\DIStudio.opt

The file contains info about the last layout of the editors in 3Dbugger. Sometimes it becomes corrupt and any action which requires switching between the two layouts (3DS/SOR and any other type of current object) crashes the application

The recommended way to fix it is to delete the DIStudio.opt file. A new one will be created on closing next time.

In my experiments opening any mesh-based model (any .stl file) and closing the app also fixed the problem, but I am not completely sure it will work for everyone

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