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Licensing problems

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I seem to be having some licensing problems.

I deleted the account file using subscription program.

I then ran the subscription program again. It told me the account name was,
"Unregistered. Initial short evaluation has expired."

I then registered online and the information was accepted.

When I then opened a program in the VB6 IDE which used version 6 I was then asked to provide an e-mail address. It then took me to the online registration form. I filled it out again. I was told my registration information has been successfully updated.

When I tried to run the application in the VB6 IDE the request for my e-mail repeated.

I then tried running the registration with my AVAST anti-virus disabled. I ran your subscription manager and it showed the "Update" button active. It also showed my account name as my e-mail address.

I then selected the Update button and was told "We could not find this account. Please register." When I responded OK I was returned to the online registration page.

Not sure if this helps.


Prashant Kande
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Re: Licensing problems

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Hello John
Thank you for reporting. Please get the 5111 update.

The software does quick check on every start and if the local account info is out of date (more than a week old) it queries the server behind. Your firewall might block the communication. If so, the component will start popping up messages in about ten days. If this happens, I suggest running once a week the Subscription dialog from the Start menu with the firewall either stopped or SampleEx.exe registered as safe with it.

Please let us know if you still have problems


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