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Who are DInsight

In the market since 2001. CAD as GUI control was pioneered by DInsight. And we are just getting started...
About Us

What is KernelCAD

KernelCAD is a software component, which adds fully functional programmable CAD views to any Windows application.
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Included Features

Complete CAD kernel. Exclusive features, combined with components from the best people in CAD.

Why embedded CAD

How KernelCAD is different
image Standalone CAD systems like AutoCAD or SolidWorks are essentially manual design tools. To develop a CAD-enabled application a component / engine / kernel is needed. KernelCAD makes it very easy as a ubiquitous GUI control available in the familiar toolbox of your favorite development environment. Create a 3D application in minutes. Implement a geometry / dimentions-related business idea in hours. We are keen to help on all stages. We do not have customers. We have partners.