Costs Of Custom Development

Like in any occupation, our charges reflect amount of time required to do the work. For a new feature this time is often unpredictable and can vary dramatically. Because of that we rarely can give an upfront quote and only for small well-defined features.

Mostly we log our actual hours and ask for payment after the customer has tested and is happy with the feature. We are using very low rates, lower than what an average company would pay to an employee. We inform our customers about the actual rate in private communication. Sometimes we are willing to negotiate it.

The arrangement may seem to be unfair as you do not get the complete source code. Our reasons are:
  • As the software is free, and to a large part open, it is almost like owning the software without all the in house development related costs. It will always be available and well supported
  • The rate we are using reflects only part of the costs. So we are investing in the project
  • Many DG Kernel features the application will be using were paid for by somebody else. So the cost should be considered as a contribution
  • We are changing our priorities to provide the customer with what is needed at this particular moment to advance their business
Development can be expensive, but there are ways to keep the costs down:
  • Start with the most important basic core features. Enhancements can be added later
  • Split the project into several well-defined stages and ask us to do it one at a time to feel your way. We can stop on any stage
  • Spread projects over time. This often happens anyway, as it takes time to implement and do several iterations of development, testing and modifications. So normally there is plenty of time to arrange the finance
  • For existing customers we can offer a credit. Enquiry
In any case we are doing our best to keep our customers happy for long-term cooperation.
Contact us for more information.