Open Development

Many features of DG Kernel were developed on our partners' request and to their specifications. This is what we call Open Development.
We invest our time and effort in implementing the feature in expectation of returns from future sales. This allows us to offer extremely low prices for custom development
This also means that our partners get the required feature in a matter of weeks and often days at cost which is much lower than in-house development, while DG Kernel acquires a new functionality, which will be used by the whole community.
Many features, which can be implemented with generic or low-level DG Kernel functionality, can be reduced to a few lines of application code on request. The feature will be well-integrated, supported, documented and developed over time.
The Open Development approach leaves all technical difficulties to DInsight, but offers full flexibility regarding new features and enhancements.
As an additional confidence measure, the source code can also be secured either by depositing an escrow or purchasing the source code outright.