How we can help.
image Our primary mission is to provide engineers and software developers with quality embedded CAD components. Any project can have specifics no generic software can cover. This is where we can help in many ways to create robust solutions on time and cost effectively.
It is always a good idea to have a no obligations chat with us about your project. We will point you in the right direction regarding DG Kernel functionality and often make useful suggestions about implementing geometric and generally math/science parts of your project.
DG Kernel is designed to be highly modular, extensible and customisable. We can:
  • Advise and provide code snippets for new projects
  • Implement DG Kernel related parts in your application. We do not need to have your complete application for that
  • Develop complete applications or components from scratch to your specifications
  • Implement new features inside DG Kernel on your request. The feature can be exclusive to your company
  • Integrate third party components into your application via DG Kernel or directly
  • Provide a special compiled version of DG Kernel, which looks like it was developed by your company

Our Track Record

We have done numerous special projects for our partners. It does not have to be CAD-related only functionality. We can provide complete solutions. Our projects in the past were often mixed with GUI, database programming and technical research in related areas.

We are specialising in 3D engineering software, which includes automated geometrical analysis, 3D simulation and optimisation. 
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