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Interface Queries

Operation of obtaining and interface from an object with QueryInterface() in C++ or coercion/cast in other languages or with a call to some method like GetModel() is called Simple Query . Normally to get access to a specific functionality it is needed to traverse several levels in the hierarchy of interfaces. Such a sequence of simple queries is called extended query (or just query). Its description in textual form is called query path. 

Sample of a query path: DG Kernel > GetModel() > IModel > IModel_DG > GetEntityAt() > IEntity_DG

In some (rare) situations, the result of a query can depend on the query path. For example for an entity with 3DS geometry, path IEntity_DG > IArray returns IArray of its child entities, but path IEntity_DG > IAxiBase > IArray returns IArray of its base knots. Such queries are called Context-Dependent Query

Description of specific interfaces describes situations when the interface can be involved in a context-dependent query. Context-dependent queries should be carried out without any other queries from the involved interfaces. Specific cases may have alleviations of this rule.