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IKCPathCollisionDetector(64) Interface


IKCPathCollisionDetector provides access to Collision Detector, which implements Path Collision Detection functionality.

See also: Collision Path sample

HRESULT Detect(PathDetectorContext* context, double* tCollision)


context - [in] additional parameters for the operation or NULL.

context.decreasingStart member affects only performance of the method. Set context.decreasingStart to true if it is known that the on the start of movement distance between the objects decreases (but may have some increasing stages later during the movement). Default: false

context.minDistToler  - If minimal distance between the objects is less than this value it is assumed that it a collision has happened. If this member is set to zero or a negative number a default tolerance is used, which is calculated from geometry of the objects and depends on how fine surface approximation is.

context.precision - not used in this release

If context is NULL defaults are used

tCollision - [out, retval] the returned parameter from range [0, 1] at which the collision occurred or large number (greater than 2) if no collision was detected


This method assumes that a set of objects and their movements have been added to the collision detector using IKinematicSet_KC.AddObject  where IKinematicSet_KC was queried from this IKCPathCollisionDetector

If the returned value tCollision is greater or equal to 0 and less than or equal to 1 it is the parameter of the collision moment. Otherwise there where no collision detected.

Use IKinematicSet_KC.SetPosition(tCollision) to move all added objects to the collision situation. After that IMetrics.Dist can be used to obtain extended information about nearest points at collision situation.

HRESULT GetCollidedObjects( IMetrics** object0, IMetrics** object1 )


object0 - [out] IMetrics implemented by the first object of the collided pair

object1 - [out] IMetrics implemented by the second object of the collided pair


The methods is useful only for multi object collision detection. It identifies which objects have actually collided. The retuned references are NULL if there where no collision or Detect method has not been called yet.

If there was a multiple objects collision at the same time selection of the collided pair should be considered random.