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KernelCAD Control

KernelCAD Control

KernelCAD ActiveX control allows to displaying and modifying 3D models. See How to create a model.

To use KernelCAD control in an application, follow standard procedure for using ActiveX controls in your development environment. Patch Programming Tutorial demonstrates how to it for Microsoft Development Environments. KernelCAD controls can also be created dynamically at runtime (See DIView programming sample for details)

The main property of the control is the path of the model file. This property can be set at design time and changed programmatically at run time. See Properties and Methods for the full list. The model path can be an empty string. In which case the display of the control window will be empty. This option is useful when there is not access to the file system and the model needs to be constructed dynamically at runtime

See Programming KernelCAD Control topic about manipulation of the model and its rendering properties at runtime.

In this version of the software suite there are four versions of the Control. See Overview of DInsight Software Suite.. 

The executable file(s) for the control are installed at the root of in the installation directory,

Refreshing Properties

Sometimes, for example when upgrading the application to new version of KernelCAD, it is needed to refresh properties of the control which are stored in the application's executable file. To do that: Open form or dialog where the control is added in form or resource editor. Make sure its properties are modified, for example by toggling value of ShowLocalAxes property. Save all. Undo the modification (by toggling second time). Rebuild the project