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Quick Start

Quick Start

3D View Manipulations:

To rotate the model use left mouse button. 

To pan - hold shift key and use left mouse button. 

To zoom - use right mouse button. 

Making circles with mouse while holding left mouse button causes the view to rotate around line of view

Pressing v, followed by 4,6,2,8 numerical keypad keys allow rotation of view point by 90 degrees

See also 3D View

Model modifications in 3D Debugger

  • To add new objects use menu Model>New Object
  • To change the current object use "Set Current" button in Model Explorer (menu: Model>Explorer).
  • To move the current object around use edit boxes and slider on "Cur Obj" page of the form.
  • To change shape of the current object modify line strips in bottom 2D panes by dragging point around and modifying arc shapes. Bottom Right- hand view modifies cross-section of the object at the current position ("Cross posn" controls on the form).
  • Use buttons on "Cmd" page of the form to add or remove patches from the surface.