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What is New

What is new in Version 5.1

The software requires registration to work, even during free evaluation period

Rendering quality has been improved. Antiliasing settings can be adjusted for a particular application or computer

Better startup performance for large models

Perspective rendering mode can be enabled at  runtime using Context menu > Advanced > View > Perspective

Euclidean Shortest Path Algorithm is a standard KernelCAD feature now and does not require separate licensing

Advanced > View > Reset Orientation (v+o shortcut) menu option makes line of view to be aligned with the global z axis

Pressing v, followed by 4,6,2,8 numerical keypad keys allow rotation of view point by 90 degrees

More reliable handling of invalid meshes

ShowAxesIcon context property allows displaying a 3D icon of global axes at the bottom left corner. Global axes can have solid apperance, which can be customised in various ways, including changing it form right to left hand orientation. Details

Line width greater than 1 has been implemented for all types of rendering

Per vertex color import/export via VRML

3D text labels can have arbitrary orientation, including vertical

IMeshEx.Refine() implements subdivision algorithms to smooth a meshed surface in different ways

IMesh.IsValid() allows checking for various problems with meshes

IMeshBuilder_KC provides a simplified way to programmatic building of meshed surfaces

New ISection2.SaveAs() method allows saving individual objects

ISection2.Relocate() allows moving objects without moving children or parent

Sequence ISection > IObject_KC > IObject_KC.Execute("UpdateTextureFromPerVertexColor", context) executed for a mesh section converts per vertex color to texture

MouseEx event is raised for right mouse button actions, if requested

Birds Eye view can be launched with v + b keys shortcut

Modifications of a texture for a patch strip of side of a Generic 3D Object (3DO) require a call to new IItem.SetModified() to take effect

Added support for left hand coordinate system

3D bugger general options dialog allows turning on/off back face culling for surface and mesh presentations. Porgrammatically the same can be achieved using BackFaceCullSurface and BackFaceCullWireframe control context properties

3D Debugger general options dialog can also be launched via Tools > Options without loading a model and setting the current object

New ITechnology_DG interface provides access to major third party compoents. See Technologies

New or expanded Interfaces:


New or improved Samples

Sample New functionality
Euclidean Shortest Path Standard feature
eXplorer Simulation of oil drilling
Lines Add new strip
Light C# version. Example of IView.SetProjectionType
MeshOps Subdivision algorithms
Transform Left handed axes
OCCT Bridge Direct acces to OCCT technology via ITechnology_DG. Customisation of OCCT functionality
Ogre Bridge Direct acces to Ogre technology via ITechnology_DG. Customisation of OCCT functionality