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3DBugger overview

3DBugger Tutorial

3DBugger tutorial demonstrates different methods and techniques for debugging 3D applications using Visual Studio 2005. The tutorial will work with any later version of Visual Studio too.

See also: KernelCAD 3D Debugger, I3DBugger

The application  

3DBugger sample does not use any KernelCAD component by default. The KernelCAD is loaded dynamically in debug configuration when there is need to display intermediate results in 3D.

The application demonstrates calculation of intersection of a 3D pyramid with a plane.

Corners of the pyramid are located at points: (0, 0, 0)  (1, 0, 0)  (0, 2, 0) and (0, 0, 3).

The dialog displays location and orientation of the plane. When user clicks Calculate button the application launches KernelCAD Debugger in separate window and displays intermediate results as 3D objects.

Copy 3DBugger folder from installation directory into appropriate working folder. Open the project.

Try a "dry run" first by starting the application and pressing the Calculate button. If the debugger window does not appear in a couple of seconds launch 3D Debugger from the Start menu and select Debug > Start from the menu. This will switch the display to wire frame, open Model explorer and the application will be waiting for the next dump operation.. If the default 3D stream is not empty its contents will be displayed. In this case select Action > Delete All in menu of Model Explorer to clear the window.

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