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See also: Deploy Module Tutorial, WixDeploy tutorial, DeployWixBasic, Deploy Tutorial

The information below with minor changes applies to both 32 and 64 bit installations

KernelCAD components depend on a number of Dynamic Link Libraries from Microsoft and KernelCAD Runtime files. They all must be present on the target machine for the component to work. When some of the files are missing the application, which uses KernelCAD quite often will not start without any messages

Redistributing via KcRedist Merge Module

This method is simple and flexible. The merge module KcRedist_5_1_*.msm is available in a zip package from the download page Most of  installer building software can consume Windows Installer Merege Modules. Simply add the merge module to the installer project. See how it is done in Visual Studio setup and deployment project in Deploy Module tutorial

The zip package also includes required dependencies from Microsof. They should be included in any installer along with KcRedist_5_1_*.msm

Ignoring differences in user interface Deploy Module Tutorial and WixDeploy tutorial provide a comprehennsive guide for creating installations with any installer creation software

Manually created setups

We recommend using this method only if the merge module option is not acceptable for some reason. DeployWixBasic and Deploy Tutorial are demonstrating this approach

To redistribute KernelCAD Runtime files add all content of the Bin folder of the KernelCAD installation directory, excluding .exe files, to your setup project. If your application is relatively small, consider modifying DeployWixBasic or Deploy Tutorial projects instead of manually adding the files

KernelCAD also depends on: C++ Runtime librarries and MFC library for Visual Studio 2013. It is importatnt to install this particular version of the librraies.To install the librraies use the microsoft merge modules, provided in all redistributable zip packages

This method also requires registering the installed .ocx files. See Registration for a recommended method of registration. See more in Deploy Tutorial and DeployWixBasic