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Context of DG Kernel Components

Component Context is a set of non-essential properties described below

Property Description Type Parameter ID Default
Context Menu Determines whether popup menu appears on right-mouse clicks Boolean 0 True
Background Type Determines whether the component can have gradient background (value 1) or default flat background (value 0) Integer 0 0
UnitsString If not empty, the string will be appended with a preceding space to text of measurements String 0 Empty string
MeasurementDigits Number of digits displayed in text of measurements. Valid range: 0 to 10 Integer 1 4
SnapLineDistance If selected point in measurements is close than this value (pixels) to a line, it will be snapped to the line. Valid range: 1 to 20. Integer 3 7
SnapPointDistance If selected point in measurements is close than this value (pixels) to a point or a corner, it will be snapped to it. Valid range: 1 to 25. Integer 2 5
UseClipboard When this property is true result of some item selections are copied to clipboard in addition to any standard output relevant to the operation. See Point Measurement for more details. Boolean 1 True
ClosedSurfaceHint Notifies the component that all objects with surface following this call are expected to be solid 3D objects. The component will perform quick check that the surface is actually closed to detect input errors. If the surface of an object was not closed the component will perform operations were possible using more reliable but slower methods Boolean 2 False
Dump Used in special builds only. When set to true the component will write file(s) with additional information for tracing / debugging. Boolean 3 False
MouseStrokeColor Modifies the current color of mouse strokes (for cut surface and similar operations). Use IKCContext2 as described below Color 0 (1.0, 0.5, 0, 0, 1) (red)
MeasurementsShowOnMouseMove If true in measurements mode distance in screen plane will be displayed during mouse movements Boolean 4 False
WantSelectionEvent When true the component raises event to notify application about multiple selection of items in Direct User Access mode Boolean 5 False
GridDefaultInteractive If true measurement grid created with Ctrl + Grid context menu command will be interactively rotated during the first mouse stroke Boolean 7 False
GridDefaultUseMeasuredAngle If true measurement grid created with Ctrl + Grid context menu command will be rotated by the last measured angle Boolean 9 False
PrecisePointPicking If false (true is the default), the IPick.GetItem*() methods use only graphic information to increase performance at expense of some precision loss. The non-default value is recommended only for high frequency programmatic point or object selection Boolean 9 True
MeasurementsStyle Default Measurement Style 0- Persistent, 1 - Transient Integer 4 0
AngleMeasurementContext Properties of angle measurements. Use GetView() > IKCContext > GetParam(0) > object (or IUnknown) > IKCContext to access. See more details at Angle Measurements IKCContext 0 NULL
ExplorerSelectionNotify When this property is true the component will raise ExplorerSelection event when selection in Model Explorer is changed by the user Boolean 10 False
ModelPassword When not empty it is used as the password for en(de)crypting models String 1 Empty String
DefaultExtension The model file extension identifying the native DG Kernel format. More String 2 glm
MeshModsAutoUpdateLimit0 Lower limit for full mesh update in IMeshMods.End(eMeshActionNormalsAuto) in microseconds. The default is 10000 (10 seconds) Integer 5 10000
MeshModsAutoUpdateLimit1 Lower limit for eMeshActionNormalsMedium mesh update algorithm in IMeshMods.End(eMeshActionNormalsAuto) in microseconds. The default is 30000 (30 seconds) Integer 6 30000
DualMode Read-only property. True is the component is in Dual Mode Boolean 12 False
SelectionGeometricOnly When true selection uses only geometric calculations to detect the object under the mouse Boolean 13 False
SelectionFastApproximation When true selection uses approximate object silhouettes for performance Boolean 14 False
SelectionGeometric When true, the algorithm which detects the surface point under a specified screen point uses a combination of graphic and geometric functionality to calculate the point precisely. Experiment with this option to tune in the precision/performance trade-off Boolean 16 True
BoundingBoxVisibleObjOnly When true, the algorithm which calculates the initial zoom and fitting scene into the view on Fit command ignores invisible objects Boolean 17 False
EnableHiddenLabelRemoval If true 3D labels geometrically obscured by some objects are not displayed. Affects rendering performance Boolean 18 False
ShowAxesIcon Show/hide the 3D global axes icon at the left bottom corner of DG Kernel window. Affects rendering performance Boolean 19 False
DeviationFactor Allows adjustment of the deviation calculated at runtime by triangulation algorithm for surface presentation. Reducing makes surfaces to be presented with finer mesh at some performance cost. Increasing can improve performance at the cost of surface quality reduction Double 0 1.0
WireColor Shared/global per view color used to render mesh wireframe and iso curves Color 4 Black

To access the properties, query IKCContext from IView with a query: Component > GetView > IView > IKCContext and use appropriate interface as described in the above table.

A color property (MouseStrokeColor) can be accessed via Component > GetView > IView > IKCContext2