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Porting KernelCAD-based applications to DG Kernel

Despite most of the existing functionality should work without any change, there some modifications have to be considered:

Rename EElemTypeKC.eElTypeSection to EElemTypeKC.eElTypeEntity. If it is used, the relevant line will be reported by the compiler.

We recommend upgrading all models to .mdg format to improve performance and robustness. The simplest method is to open a .glm model in v6 Model Viewer and save as .mdg

For various reasons rendering of items inside ClientDraw event handler using IDraw and related interfaces is no longer supported, despite the code will still compile. It is recommended to construct the required object as an entity, perhaps transient one,  and control its properties outside of this event. IDraw_DG queried from IModel_DG is useful to move code out of the handler with minimal changes. Compare implementation of Metrics sample, Collision Path, Pick samples with their counterparts in v5.2 for an example.

v5.2 and new DGK interfaces can be used interchangeably, but new functionality is recommended to be implemented using DGK