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IBRepWire_DG Interface


Represents a BRep wire
Implements also: IBRepShape_DG.

int GetVertexCount()

IBRepVertex_DG GetVertex(int index)

int GetEdgeCount()

IBRepEdge_DG GetEdge(int index)

Returns edges in geometric order. Two consequtive edges share a vertex. For wire of a face the edges are indexed in Counter Clock Wise order looking from from the end of normal to the surface of the face, which for solids coinsides with looking from outside

IBRepEdge_DG AddNewEdge(bool tail)

bool AddEdge(IBRepEdge_DG edge)

Extends this wire by adding the edge to make it the last. The edge must have valid end vertices. Adds its vertices if they are not listed yet.

If the wire is not empty, the edge must have an end, which geometricaly coinsides up to 1e-6 with an end of this wire. If end vertex is a different instance (at the same location) the vertex in edge is replaced with the one from this wire.

Returns false if the operation fails. Use IError_KC to get the list of error messages.

IBRepEdge_DG AddVertex(IBRepVertex_DG vertex)

bool IsClosed()

IBRepEdge_DG CloseWire()

Closes this wire with a new linear edge. Attach new curve to the returned edge to modify its geometry.

void InitFromPoints(IPointArray_DG points, bool closed)

ThreeState_DG IsEdgeReversed(int index)

Returns unknownDG if the wire is not attached to a face. Returns trueDG if the edge is NOT aligned with counter clock wise direction on the face

int FindVertex(IBRepVertex_DG vertex)

Returns index of the vertex or -1.

int FindEdge(IBRepEdge_DG edge)

Returns index of the edge or -1.