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IObject_DG Interface


IObject_DG represents a generic software object. It is implemented by most or relatively complex objects in DG Kernel software.

bool IsSameInstance(IObject_DG object)

Returns true if this and object are the same instances in memory at the time of the call

ThreeState_DG IsSame(IObject_DG object, IDictionary_DG filterOrNull)

Not implemented in this update

int GetHash()

Returns a 32 bit opaque data, which identifies this object in memory

void Copy(IObject_DG object, IDictionary_DG filterOrNull)

Copies attributes. If filterOrNull is not null attributes to be copied are filtered. Details of the expected filter are provided in specific topics, where applicable

IObject_DG Clone()

Creates a new instance of this object and copies its attributes by executing Copy(this, null);

bool Execute(string operation, IDictionary_DG context)

Reserved for future development. There are no useful cases implemented in this update