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IError_KC Interface


The interface returns string describing the last error and manages access to array of errors happened in the latest call to a DG Kernel method. The array is cleared on the start of most methods of any DG Kernel interface. Note that a single call can generate several errors form different parts of DG Kernel implementation. Use GetCount method to obtain size of the error array.

Note that not all methods report errors via the error array, so this functionality can not replace exception and error return handling. This functionality mostly used when there is clear explanation for a problem or hint to avoid it.

IError_KC can be queried from IModel interface via: DG Kernel > GetModel() > IModel > IError_KC

See also Interface List

HRESULT GetError(BSTR *err)


err - [out, retval] Text of the last error


Returns the last error.

HRESULT GetErrorEx(int errorNo, BSTR *err)


errorNo - [in]  0-based index of the error to retrieve. 0 is the latest error

err - [out, retval] Text of the error errorNo.


Returns the error errorNo. errorNo mist be less than count returned by the GetCount method below.

HRESULT GetCount(int *count)


count - [out, retval] count of current error