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What is new in version 7.1

Open Cascade Technology (OCCT) third part assmbly has been upgraded to v7.7.0.

Data Exchange (Import/Export) via STEP format has been reimplemented based on Extended Data Exchange (XDE) engine of OCCT. This includes support for saving and loading of STEP assemblies and their hierarchies.

The new STEP Data Exchange also includes persistence of per shape and per face colors. It also supports persistence of entity and assembly names. Details.

New AttachModel() method of DGAX control provides a way for sharing models between two or more components, thus enabling multi-view functionality.

New Multi View sample demonstrates the model sharing functionality.

New methods of IScene_DG allow setting entity's and its local frame visibility on per-view basis.

New IEntity_DG.SetGeometryTypeEx() method allows controlling density of generated mesh during type conversions directly.

New IRectangularTrimmedSurface_DG interface allows defining surfaces as subsets of another basis surface.

A number of bugs throughout the software has been fixed.