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IObjectGenerator_DG Interface

Create(string, object)
Create(string, IDictionary_DG)

The returned object is an interface. Its name is the type string. For an examle, a call to Create("IArray_DG", ..) returns IArray_DG interface.

Not all interfaces can be obtained this way. For an example, IBRepShape_DG is an abstract base interface. The object, which implements it, must be constructed as BRepSolid_DG, etc. concrete type.

The table below may be out of date after updates, so it is recomended to try name of the required interface

Implemented type string values

I2DPointArray_DG ICircle_DG ILine_DG
IAppearance_DG IConICone_DG IMaterial_DG>
IArc_DG IConstraint_DG IMapUnkn_DG
IArcSpline3DCurve_DG IContext_DG IMapUint64_DG
IArray_DG ICurveFreeForm_DG IMatrix_DG
IArrayInt_DG ICurveGeometry_DG IMeasurement_DG
IArrayDouble_DG ICutEffect_DG IMesh_DG
IBitmap_DG ICylinder_DG IMeshGeometry_DG
IBlob_DG IDictionary_DG IModel_DG
IBox_DG IDataContext_DG IMove_DG
IBRepBuilder_DG IDiffSurface_DG IPathCollisionDetector_DG
IBRepBuilderEx_DG IDynamicScreenItem_DG IPlane_DG
IBRepChamfer_DG IDynamicScreenItemManager_DG IPointArray_DG
IBRepCompositeSolid_DG IEllipse_DG IPointMatrix_DG
IBRepCompound_DG IEntity_DG IPointSetGeometry_DG
IBRepDraftAngle_DG IEntity2d_DG IPolygon3D_DG
IBRepEdge_DG IEntityArray_DG IRectangularTrimmedSurface_DG
IBRepFace_DG IError_DG IShapeArray_DG
IBRepFeaturePrism_DG IEuclideanShortestPath_DG ISegmentStripGeometry_DG
IBRepFillet_DG IFont_DG ISphere_DG
IBRepGeometry_DG IFrame_DG IStdShape_DG
IBRepShell_DG IFrame2d_DG IStdShapeRef_DG
IBRepSolid_DG IFrameArray_DG ISticky_DG
IBRepBRepVertex_DG IGeometry_DG* IStripArcLine_DG
IBRepBRepWire_DG IKO_BRepExtrema_DistShapeShape ISurfacePoint_DG
IBSplineCurve2d_DG ILabel_DG ISurfacePointArray_DG
IBSplineCurve_DG ILabelGeometry_DG ITexture_DG
IBSplineCurveInterpolator_DG ILightSource_DG ITorus_DG
IBSplineSurface_DG IList_DG IVirtualView_DG
ICircCircle2d_DG ILine2d_DG IWireArrayToSurfaceBuilder_DG

*) By default (Create method) IGeometry_DG is constructed as BRep type. To construct other types of geometry use Create() method with params containing string item named "Type" and value one of geometry types: "IBRep", "Mesh", etc. See IEntity_DG.SetGeometryType(). See an example below.

IUnk Create(string type)

See the comments above

There is a convenient extension for this method, which also includes a cast to the specific target type. Example:

void f(IObjectGenerator_DG gen)
    IFrame_DG frame = gen.Create<IFrame_DG>();

IUnk Create(string type, IUnk iParam)

iParam - a parameter specific for the requested type.

Type Expected iParam type
"IBRepEdge_DG" ICurve_DG
"IBRepWire_DG" ICurve_DG
"IBRepFace_DG" IBRepWire_DG or IUVSurface_DG

See the comments above for the other parameters


void f(IObjectGenerator_DG gen, IUnk iParam)
    IBRepEdge_DG edge = gen.Create("IBRepEdge_DG", iParam) as IBRepEdge_DG;
    IBRepEdge_DG edge2 = gen.Create<IBRepEdge_DG>(iParam);

IUnk Create(string type, IDictionary_DG params)

The method allows specifying additional parameters for the construction. Use call similar to:
    Dictionary_DG params = iObjectGenerator_DG.Create<IDictionary_DG>();
to create the dictionary.

The first imeplemented case is: type="IGeometry_DG" and params contains "Type" string with value one of geometry types: "BRep", "Mesh", etc. See IEntity_DG.SetGeometryType().


void f(IObjectGenerator_DG gen, IDictionary_DG params)
    params.SetString("Type", "Mesh");
    IGeometry_DG geom = gen.Create("IGeometry_DG", params) as IGeometry_DG;
    IGeometry_DG geom2 = gen.Create<IGeometry_DG>(params);