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Background of DGKC Window

By default window of a DGKC component is created with a flat color background defined by the BackColor Windows Forms control property.

DGKC can also display gradient colors of various directions and configuration. To enable gradient background query IContext_DG from IView_DG of the component and set the first (id=0) integer parameter to 1. To disable gradient background set the parameter to 0. See DIView sample for an example.

Gradient color of the window is defined by array of colors positioned along the edge of the component window. The array of color has always at least four colors for the corners. For example, to make the background horizontally gradient changing from blue to green set colors at two left corners to blue and colors at two right hand corners to green. Adding colors in the middle of window sides will make the background more complicated.

Colors of the components background can be manipulated with IRectangleColor_DG interface obtained via query: DGKC > GetView > IView_DG > IRectangleColor_DG

See also: DIView sample