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IScene_DG Interface


IScene_DG Interface provides access to a scene. IScene_DG can be obtained via IView_DG.GetScene()

IEntity_DG CreatePresentationEntity(IObject_DG object, bool addToScene, IDictionary_DG optionsOrNull)

Creates an entity, which presents in 3D view objects, often a simple items like a box, which are not shapes or other types of geometries

There is only a limited number of objects presentable in this way. If the object is not presentable, the method returns null.

At the time of v6.0 release, objects implementing IBox_DG, ICurve_DG, ISphere_DG and IFrame_DG are presentable. The actual update may have more cases implemented

Set addToScene to true for the object to appear in the view. The entity is created transient and added to the model. Use IEntity_DG.SetTransient(false) to make it persistent

If not null, the optionsOrNull parameter is used currently only for frames, in which case if the dictionalry contains double value named "Size" it is used to set length of the axes. 1.0 is the default.

void UpdatePresentationEntity(IObject_DG object, IEntity_DG entity, IDictionary_DG optionsOrNull)

Updates presentation entity, created with the above CreatePresentationEntity(), presumably after some parameters of the object have been modified

ISelection_DG GetCurrentItemSet()

Gives access to the list of current entities. The current entity list is a list of entites selected for an operation like interactive repositioning with the mouse.

bool IsLocalFrameVisible(IEntity_DG entity)

Returns true if local frame of the entity is visible in the view.

void ShowLocalFrame(IEntity_DG entity, bool show)

Sets visibility of local frame of the entity for the view.

bool IsVisible(IEntity_DG entity)

Returns true if the entity is visible in the view.

void Show(IEntity_DG entity, bool show)

Sets visibility of the entity for the view.