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Modes of DGKC controls

DG Kernel components support an additional "Modify" mode as opposed to "View" mode.

Modes are different with respect to how user input using the mouse or keys is processed. "View" is the default mode. In View mode mouse strokes allow changing point of view by Pan/Zoom/Rotate viewing transformations. In "Modify"  mode mouse moves change position and orientation of the selected objects relatively to other objects and the global axes.

In modify mode, similar to viewing transformations, mouse strokes with Shift key down will perform translations of the object. If Shift key is not down, rotations of the object will be performed. 

IView_DG.ViewMode property allows switching between two "View" and "Modify" modes.

Constraints, allow restriction of object movements in Modify mode in different ways. For example, rotational constrains can restrain rotations of the object, the user can perform, to rotations around a certain axis in 3D space.

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