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Segment Strip Geometry

Segment Strip geometry represents a continuous sequence of straight segments joined together. Segment strips implement ISegmentStripGeometry_DG

Segment strips can be created with a call IObjectGenerator_DG.Create<ISegmentStripGeometry_DG>(), or by importing a VRML file  containing "IndexedLineSet" node.

Line Strips are derived from Point Sets to use all its properties. This means that to modify geometry and other base properties of a line strip one needs to query IPointSetGeometry_DG from ISegmentStripGeometry_DG or related IEntity_DG. When Color Per Vertex is true color of lines is interpolated between the ends of segments. Increasing IAppearance_DG.PointWidth will show points at joints during rendering.

Use IArray_DG as described in the Point Sets topic to add or remove sampling point.

Line Strips implement ICurve_DG interface,  which allows calculation of intermediate points and length


Index - Array of integers, which refer to points in the base Point Array. Linked components of the strip are separated by index -1.

For an example, if the base point array has five points, Index (0, 1, 2, -1, 3, 4) will define two continuous components: (0,1,2) and (3,4). The internal sequence can be arbitrary including reversed or repeating indices.

If the strip consists of a single component it does not have to have -1 separators.