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Curve Technologies

There are different technologies for representing curves. All curves implement ICurve_DG.

Standard curves

Straight lines, circles, ellipses can be created either using methods of IStdShape_DG to direcly using calls similar to:
ICircle_DG circle = IObjectGenerator_DGCreate<ICircle_DG>();

BSpline Curves

 BSpline Curves are accessed via IBSplineCurve_DG interface. Use IObjectGenerator_DG > Create("IBSplineCurve_DG") > IBSplineCurve_DG to create a standalone curve.

Curves, defining geometry of BRep edges, can be accessed via IBRepEdge_DG.GetCurve() > IBSplineCurve_DG.

To add a new BSpline Curve to the scene the curve has to be wrapped into a BRepEdge first (one of methods):

IObjectGenerator_DG > Create1("IBRepEdge_DG", iCurve) > IBRepShape_DG > IModel_DG.AddBRepShape();

See CreateSpline() in Curves sample for an example.


See also:  Curves sample, BSpline Curves, Free-form Curves, Arc Spline Curves.