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T2DDg Class

A 2D point or vector.

T2DDg(double x, double y);
T2DDg(T2DDg v);
T2DDg(bool random);    //Point with random coordinates in [-1,1] range
void Get(out double x, out double y);
double Get(int i);
void Copy(T2DDg v);
double Product(T2DDg v);
double CrossProduct(T2DDg v);
double Dist(T2DDg pt);
double DistMax(T2DDg pt); //Returns vector from pt to this
void Set(double x, double y);
bool Is(double x, double y);
bool Is(double x, double y, double tolerance);
bool IsSame(T2DDg pt);
bool IsSame(T2DDg pt, double tolerance);
double this[int index];
double Norm();
double NormSquare();
double NormMax();
bool Normalize();
bool Normalize(double tolerance);
T2DDg GetNormalized();
T2DDg GetOffsetVector(T2DDg pt);
T2DDg GetOffset(T2DDg vectBy);
T2DDg GetOffset(T2DDg direction, double distance);
void Offset(T2DDg vectBy);
static T2DDg operator *(double m, T2DDg v);
static T2DDg operator +(T2DDg pt, T2DDg v);
static T2DDg operator -(T2DDg pt, T2DDg v);
bool IsZero();
bool IsZero(double tolerance);
bool IsCollinear(T2DDg v);
bool IsCollinear(T2DDg v, double tolerance);
bool IsOrtho(T2DDg v);
bool IsOrtho(T2DDg v, double tolerance);
void SwapDirection();
void MakeRandom();//Make random coordinates in [-1,1] range
bool IsUnitary();
bool IsUnitary(double tolerance);
T2DDg GetVectorProjection(T2DDg v);
void SwapCoordinates();
void MakeOrtho();
T2DDg GetOrtho();
double Angle(T2DDg v);
void Rotate(double angle);
T2DDg GetRotated(double angle);
void Translate(double dx, double dy);
void Translate(T2DDg v);
T2DDg GetTranslated(T2DDg v);