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IStdShapeRef_DG Interface


Interface for creation and modification of basic shapes. If the last parameter is null the entity is created. Otherwise it is modified using the provided parameters.

IStdShapeRef_DG can be obtained:
Queried from IModel_DG. Typical query: dgControl.GetModel() > IStdShapeRef_DG.
Created using a IObjectGenerator_DG.Create<IStdShapeRef_DG>() call. Typical query: new KcApiComProxyClass() > IObjectGenerator_DG > IObjectGenerator_DG.Create("StdShapeRef_DG") > IStdShapeRef_DG.

void Cylinder(double baseRadius, double topRadius, double height, IEntity_DG cylinder)

Axis of the cylinder will coinside with the global Z axis

void Disk(double innerRadius, double outerRadius, IEntity_DG disk)

A disk at the global x,y plane

void Sphere(double radius, IEntity_DG sphere)

void Box(double width, double height, double length, IEntity_DG box)

A box [0, width]x[0, height]x[0, length]

void Torus(double radius, double radiusTube, IEntity_DG torus)

Axis of the torus will coinside with the global Z axis

void Triangle(PointDg pt0, PointDg pt1, PointDg pt2, IEntity_DG obj)

void Rectangle(double width, double height, IEntity_DG obj)

A rectangle [0, width]x[0, height] in the global x,y plane

void Polygon(PointDg pt0, PointDg pt1, PointDg pt2, PointDg pt3, IEntity_DG obj)

void Line(PointDg pt0, PointDg pt1, IEntity_DG obj)

void LineInf(PointDg origin, VectDg direction, bool ray, IEntity_DG obj)

void Circle(double radius, IEntity_DG obj)

A circle in the global x,y plane

void Arc(double radius, double angle, IEntity_DG obj)

An arc of a circle in the global x,y plane with center at the global origin and angle with the X axis in range [0, angle]

void Ellipse(double a, double b, IEntity_DG obj)

An ellipse in the global x,y plane