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IArcSpline3DCurve_DG Interface

IArcSpline3DCurve_DG gives programmatic access to Arc Spline Curves. Objects implementing this interface also implement ICurveFreeForm_DG

To create a standalone arc spline curve use a IObjectGenerator_DG.Create() call.


IPointArray_DG GetSplineNormals()

Returns array of spline normals. i-th element in the array in a normal vector of plane of i-th spline.

IArrayDouble_DG GetCurvatureArray()

The method returns array of double numbers one per spline in the curve. The i-th number is curvature of i-th spline arc. IArrayDouble_DG.Set() will fail if the curvature is too high and the arc would become invalid (geometrically impossible).

IArc_DG GetSpline(int index)

Use this method to access more advanced properties of an individual spline in the curve.

void MakeSmoothModifyCurvatures()

Modifies spline normals and curvatures to make the whole curve smoothely interpolating the input points

void MakeSmoothAlternating(double curvature)

Assumes that on start the points data is already defined (see ICurveFreeForm_DG) and the first curve is straight. Modifies spline normals of every second curve segment and sets its curvature to curvature so that the resulting curve is smooth. Points are also shifted along the previous straight entity to make this possible. In case when two consequtive straight segments do not belong to a single plane an additional point is inserted and a two-arc spline is constructed to smoothely connect the straight entities