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BRep Shape

BRep Geometry is represented by shape object. Most of shapes have sub shapes. In software terms shape is a base class for more specific classes: Vertex, edge, face, etc.

Shapes are accessed via IBRepShape_DG

Since v7.0 shapes can have Appearance attribute, which is null in most situations. In v7.0 the Appearance is ignored in all cases except the case of a face. Appearance is used when a per face color, etc. is needed.

To create an appearnce use IBRepShape_DG.GetAppearance(true); call.

IBRepShape_DG.Color property is a shortcut for IBRepShape_DG.GetAppearance(false).Get/SetColor(); Changes to the Color property are ignored without any warnings, if the apperance is null.

See also: Overview of BRep geometry