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Geometry Attribute

Geometry is an attribute of entity. Geometry defines shape of the surface or curve or a set of points. In mathematical terms it defines internal distances between various points and parts of the shape.

Geometry does not have location or orientation. Most often it is expressed using data related to some fixed, but unspecified set of coordinate axes. Geometry obtains location and orientation only using local frame of the entity which uses the geometry. Geometries can be shared by different entities almost always at different locations/orientations

There are several significantly different types of geometry. Type is a string property of geometry. See IEntity_Dg.GeometryType for the list of valid options.

Geometry is defined internally using various data structures which significantly depend on type of the geometry.

Supported geometry types:
Name Type String Description
BRep BRep Parametric geometry defined by NURB-based BRep shapes: Vertex, Edge, Wire, Face, Shell, Solid, Composite Solid, Compound
Mesh Mesh Free-form meshed surfaces
Curve Geometry Curve Geometry containing a curve
Line Strip SegmentStrip Geometry containing a set of segmented curves or straight lines
Point Set PointArray Geometry containing an array of 3D points
Overlay Overlay Geometry, which presents a 2D model in a 3D plane
                           Geometry types for auxiliary (not purely geometric) items
3D Label Label3D 3D Labels
ViewPoint ViewPoint View Points, which allow storing the current view configuration
Measurement Measurement Measurements
Label3dManaged Label3dManaged Smart Labels

There is also a number of deprecated geometry types providing backward compatibility with v5: Deprecated Geometries.