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Programming the DGKC Control

Manipulation of a model and its rendering properties is performed via interfaces implemented by DGKC control. Interface is a simple notion, which does not require any special knowledge. Interface is a small group of methods (functions) related to a certain functionality. Programming Samples provide ample examples of their usage.

DGKC interfaces are organized in a hierarchical fashion. This means that one have to traverse the interface hierarchy tree using casts and other methods to obtain needed interface of a particular object. 

IModel_DG is the root interface for geometry-related interfaces, from which all its dependent interfaces can be obtained. IModel_DG interface can be obtained by calling GetModel() method of the control.

The interface hierarchy can be traversed using .As<> or Query<> operator and other interface methods like IModel_DG::GetEntity() to obtain the interface needed and call its methods.

IView_DG interface is the root for functionality related to 3D rendering and user interaction. IView_DG reference is returned by query GetView() > IView_DG.

Microsoft Visual Basic and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET detect control's interfaces and types automatically after the control has been added to the project. To access this information open Object Browser and activate KernelCADTypeLib set.

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