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User input validation for Arc/Line splines

Programmatically geometry of an 3DS object is modified via call to SetParam() or SetNamedParam() methods of IElement_DG. Quite often the new value of the parameter makes geometry of the model invalid. For example, when radius of an arc is too small to connect its ends.  In this case the above methods return without changing anything in the geometry.

After a successful call to SetParam method and before any other modification of  the same parameter, there should be a call to UpdateDeep() method of the DGKC control or call to UpdateDeep() method of the IModel_DG interface. Normally you would make all requested modifications for the user input (one modification per parameter) and call UpdateDeep() methods to recalculates the surface and display the result for viewing in 3D. 
Note that successful return from SetParam and SetNamedParam means that only a simple validation succeeded. The geometry of the model may still be invalid and can be rejected later during the call to UpdateSurface() method of the control. In the latter case all modifications since the previous call to UpdateSurface() will be discarded.

All angles in the software are internally represented in radians, so when the parameter is an angle, new value should be in range (-PI, PI].

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