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BRep Geometry

BRep Geometry is the internal set of equations and related data, which describes the underlying smooth surface for faces and smooth curves for edges

BRep Geometry for faces can be accessed via IUVSurface_DG obtained with IBRepFace_DG.GetSurface().

BRep Geometry for edges can be accessed via ICurve_DG obtained with IBRepEdge_DG.GetCurve()


Depending on dimension, points of BRep Geometry are accessed using two parameters (u and v are the normally used names) for surfaces or a single parameter for curves

Range of each parameter is part of definition of the specific geometry

BRep Geometry can be thought of as a mapping of one or two dimensional range of parameter space into 3D space

BRep Curves

Parameter range for curves can be accessed via ICurve_DG.GetParameterRange()

A curve is closed if its ends coincide

BRep Surfaces

BRep Surface can be thought of as a mapping of a rectangle in u,v plane into 3D space. Quite often the equations allow extending of definition of the surface outside of the rectangle. See more at BRep Surfaces