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Textures are used when the modeled object has a specific pattern on its surface like wood or brick. Textures are bitmaps mapped to the surface of the object. Texture of a specific material can be created by taking a picture with digital camera or using a scanner and saving as a bitmap file.

Textures for Mesh Entities can be imported or created via VRML, Wavefront .obj and possible via other formats. Please check the full list of supported formats for this version.

To create a texture manually via VRML use texCoord and texCoordIndex elements of IndexedFaceSet node. See VRML 2.0 specifications at https://tecfa.unige.ch/guides/vrml/vrml97/spec/ for details. Save the model in .wrl format. Add the above texture elements. After loading the file it can be saved as .mdg model with texture embedded for faster load. Contact us if you need more options.

Textures are saved with the model. Note that textures can increase size of the model dramatically, which can be an issue when models are exchanged via the Internet or e-mail. Also note that textures are using significant amount of operating memory and processing power. Material Editor is a preferred method of Assignment of textures because it reuses the texture for all surfaces in the object.

Programmatically textures can be manipulated at run time using ITexture_DG interface. See Texture Programming sample for an example.