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Boolean Operations on Entities

Type of the resulting geometry in a Boolean operation depends on types of the two geometries involved. When both objects are BSpline Brep geometries, the result is also BSpline Brep. When either object has any other type the result will have mesh type. This is true for all operations other than Surface Intersection. Surface Intersection on such geometries will result in a set of curves of "SegmentStrip" geometry type.

To perform Boolean subtract in Model Explorer of the component, make the first object current using Set Current button, Select the second object and in action menu of the explorer select Subtract. If the control key was held just before the command the operation will include children of both objects as if they were solids.

Query IBooleanEntity_DG interface form the relevant IEntity_DG to carry out Boolean operations programmatically.

Planar Clip operation

IBooleanEntity_DG interface allows performing clipping entities by an infinite plane. To perform the operation:

1. Create Plane object with the help of IPlane_DG iPlane = IObjectGenerator_DG.Create<IPlane_DG>();.

2. Query IEntity_DG from the IPlane_DG obtained in the step 1.

3. Use IEntity_DG obtained in the step 2 as  parameter in IBooleanEntity_DG.Subtract to perform the operation.

See also BoolOp Sample