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RangeDg Class

A [Min, Max] range of double


double Min
double Max


RangeDg(double min, double max);
RangeDg(RangeDg rg);
void Set(double min, double max);
void SetUnordered(double a, double b);  //a > b is OK. Sets Min=min(a,b); Max=max(a,b)
void Copy(RangeDg rg);
double GetLimit(int limit);
bool IsFinite();
double GetPointAtRatio(double ratio);
double GetRatio(double x);
static double GetRatio(double x, double min, double max);
double GetLength();
double GetCenter();
double GetNearestEnd(double x);
RangeLocation GetPointLocation(double x, double tolerance);
double Clamp(double x);
static double Clamp(double x, double min, double max);
double Map(double x, RangeDg rg);
static double Map(double x, double minFrom, double maxFrom, double minTo, double maxTo);
double Map(double x, double minFrom, double maxFrom);
bool Is(double min, double max, double tolerance);
bool Is(double min, double max);
bool IsSame(RangeDg rg, double tolerance);
bool IsSame(RangeDg rg);
bool IsIn(double x);
bool IsIn(double x, double tolerance);
static bool IsIn(double x, double min, double max, double tolerance);
bool IsIn(RangeDg rg);
bool IsIn(RangeDg rg, double tolerance);
bool IsInsideOf(RangeDg rg);
bool IsInOpen(double x, double tolerance);
bool IsSingleton();
bool IsSingleton(double tolerance);
static bool IsSingleton(double min, double max, double tolerance);
static bool IsSingleton(double min, double max);
bool IsUnlimited(bool min);
bool IsUnlimited();
bool IsFull();
void SetFull();
bool IsEmpty();
bool IsEmpty(double tolerance);
void SetEmpty();
void Translate(double by);
void Expand(double by);
void Scale(double ratio);
void Scale(double ratio, double center);
void Include(double x);
void Include(RangeDg rg);
void SetLengthKeepCenter(double length);
void SetLengthKeepLimit(double length, int limit);
void SetMinKeepLength(double min);
void SetMaxKeepLength(double max);
bool MovePointTo(double ratio, double target);
bool MoveCenterTo(double center);
bool Intersect(RangeDg rg);
RangeDg GetIntersection(RangeDg rg);
bool IsIntersection(RangeDg rg);
RangeDg GetUnion(RangeDg rg);
bool Unite(RangeDg rg);
byte Subtract(RangeDg rg);  // Returns number of resulting ranges. If it is 2, rg is modified to the second part (rg.m_max will be this.m_max)
RangeDg ToDegrees();
RangeDg ToRadians();
double Rand();
static double Rand(double min, double max);
void MakeRandom();