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IBRepShape_DG Interface

Implemented by BRep Shapes. Implements also: IObject_DG.


Name Type Description
Color Color A shortcut for GetAppearance(false) > IAppearance_DG.Color
ColorEnabled bool A shortcut for: Get: GetAppearance(false)!=null; Set: if(value) GetAppearance(true); else DeleteAppearance();

In this version the color properties have effect only for faces



ShapeType_DG GetShapeType()

IFrame_DG GetLocation()

This method is reserved for future development. Currently location of the top level shape coinsides with location of the owner entity. Location of child shapes should be considered undefined.

void SetLocation(IFrame_DG frame)

This method is reserved for future development. Currently the location is set internally

IShapeArray_DG GetSubShapes(ShapeType_DG type)

Searches children and all lower level descendents. For example GetSubShapes(eShTypeEdgeDG) called for a solid returns all edges of the solid

IShapeArray_DG GetAncestors(ShapeType_DG type)

Searches parents and all higher level ancestors. For example, GetAncestors(eShTypeFaceDG) called for a vertex, returns all faces, which have the vertex as a descendent.

bool IsPartner(IBRepShape_DG other)

Returns true if geometries of the shapes are identical up to movement in 3D space. i.e. Geometry is the same, but location may be different

bool IsSame(IBRepShape_DG other)

Returns true if the shapes have identical internal geometry and location, but may be different object instances in memory

bool IsEqual(IBRepShape_DG other)

Returns true if this and other refer to the same object in memory. The result is equivalent to GetHash()==other.GetHash()

int GetHash()

Returns an opaque number which identifies the object in computer memory.

double GetTolerance()

boo IsValid()

Checks if internal BRep structures are valid and consistent. Use IError_DG to get the list of error messages. The list is cleared before execution of the method
Check for closed and non-empty wire is done only during validation of the parent face.
Check that a face has a valid surface is done during validation of its parent shell.

This method is relatively slow and should be used only for debugging.

boo RemoveSubShape(IBRepShape_DG shape)

Removes shape and its descendants. shape can be at any level in this.

EDim_DG GetDimension()

Returns 0 for vertices, 1 for edges and wires, 2 for faces, shells, solids and composite solids.
In case of a coumpound returns dimension of the subshapes if they all are the same and eUD otherwise.

IAppearance_DG GetAppearance(bool create)

void DeleteAppearance()